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    Who are we?

    Welcome visitor! Kratom leaf was founded by Will, and Walter and is located in South Florida where we operate our co-op Kratom nursery. I co-founded the American Kratom Association (AKA) and served as it’s CTO during the brutal DEA scheduling in 2016.

    I have been growing Kratom trees for 15 years. These trees have been sampled and studied. Will launched and founded AKAChat – which is now Kratom WatchDog (KWD). Most recently I developed the Canna Paid WordPress plugin that is allowing vendors all over the Country to process Credit Card payments on their sites!

    Walter has shot literally 100s of videos documenting all parts of operating a nursery. He has also collected one of the most extensive inventories of Kratom genetics in the entire Country. Which we make available to you through our cuttings, seed, fresh leaf, crushed leaf, and rooted products.


    American Kratom Association Lobbying Fellow

    I have immense respect for those who have been involved in the fight like Paul and Will… I have no doubt kratom advocates like them are warriors who deserve respect. They have mine.

    Mac Haddow, American Kratom Association Lobbying Fellow – 2020
    lobbying fellow

    Mac Haddow Quote

    Mitra Mike's Kratom - Fresh Leaf Kratom Review

    Good morning y’all!!
    Having some fresh leaf kratom today and I’m so excited !
    The aroma is something amazing y’all!
    Walter Pervis is the man to get with for some of these wonderful fresh USA grown leaf!

    The effect is very nice. Got the warmth feeling I look for in kratom use. Very nice effect with two small leaf.

    Mitra Mike (Kratom Vendor)

    fresh kratom leaf mitra mike

    Botanical Queen’s Review

    Fresh leaf from Pervis Walter is seriously amazing. I tried the green, white, pink, and mature. I only needed 2-3 leaves (I mostly spit out the plant matter but you can swallow it!) and added raw sugar to cut the bitterness. It’s not bitter like the powder though. And the 3ff3cts are incredible. Such a light feeling (makes you more aware of the mold content in certain powder teas) and made me feel optimistic, happy, carefree, and yes it helped the pa!n just as much as the powder does. Definitely treat yourself to this! (pm him for more info!).

    Seriously, thank you for a life changing experience! I want to do an in-depth review on my YouTube channel of you in the future . More people need to try the fresh leaf!

    Emily Petokas – Botanical Queens (Facebook Group)

    Cactus Jacks Botanicals Review

    My dear friend Walter Pervis brought me fresh kray-tea leaves & fresh Hirsuta. OMG. If you like to chew fresh leaf, you gotta get some! If you like to take fresh leaf and dry it out to steep for tea, you gotta get some! His fresh leaf is amazing!!!

    Lisa Addison owner of Cactus Jacks Botanicals (Kratom Vendor) 

    Customer holding fresh Kratom leaf

    Raw American Kratom Leaf Review.

    Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge. Much appreciated. I really dig the passion, care for the plants and customer service.

    I sat with the pink vein. 2 small and one large leaf. It’s very gentle and functional. The fresh leaf experience is definitely more aligned with my preferences.

    Glad I found your site!

    Indonesian Premium Select Red Vein

    It’s my mail call day… for me, it’s Kozy Kratom, from our very own Water Purvis.
    First, Walter is awesome! Very available to answer questions, and shipping was fast and arrived as expected. Everything looks great it and even contained some “extra goodies” 😀

    Now, the product, as i just got the mail 30 minutes ago, the first thing I sampled was powder, first off, the taste is wonderful. Very mild, compared to SE Asian powder. Maybe that is a freshness thing. The quality is top-notch! On an empty stomach, I use “shake and swallow”, only took about 15 minutes to start feeling relief, about 30 for full relief. I also ordered fresh leaf.



    Florida Grown Kratom Leaf / Kozykratom  is an excellent company. Their customer service is the best I’ve seen in a long time out of any company with similar offerings, and actually compared to any company I’ve ordered online from for that matter. They are very kind, communicative, and helpful.  You can tell they truly care about what they offer and stand tall 100% behind their products. They have a lot of heart and truly put their great energy into this. Although I haven’t  been able to order every product they offer, I would confidently recommend them over any company in the USA that provides these alternative plant medicines. The real medicines.
    -Caleb van
    Thanks again Walter !
    Kratom leaf review

    Fresh Kratom Leaf Review

    If you are a Kratom consumer and haven’t tried eating fresh leaves you are really missing out. At first I was a bit skeptical, because there isn’t a lot of good information out there on it (likely, because most fresh leaves can only be found in Indonesia) but they are by far more euphoric and energetic that most Kratom powder.

    After ordering, the leaves arrived within a couple days,, super fresh with a bright emerald green color. The leaves have a bit of a numbing quality to them, and are felt almost instantly. They also work extremely well in addition to regular Kratom powder and have a really elevating quality to them. As you can tell, I’m more than happy with the overall quality of the leaves. There is nothing like fresh Kratom 🙂


    American Kratom Seed Pods

    I’d give you seven positive reviews if I  could. Much more than satisfied with our transaction. I feel taken care of and appreciated. My product came in a timely manner TWICE (: safe in a USPS PACKAGE with tracking. This purchase has put a smile on my face more than five times this week.

    Fresh Kratom Leaf Review

    This is an awesome way to consume Kratom! It is a little bit of a different feeling (better). The leaves came perfect, not crammed into a package and were so supple and beautiful!



    Unrooted American Kratom Cuttings

    Very good packaging, pro packaging actually. Everything got here in great condition. Cuttings look great. Unfortunately for me, and my lack of experience I didn’t get any to root, but that was on ME. So if you buy you should have everything in place and have the knowledge and environment to root these guys.



    This morning I Chewed one leaf

    This morning I chewed one leaf and smothered it in honey. It was very bitter but the honey helped. I deveined the leaf and I spit out the paste. Pain level was around a 8
    After ten minutes I noticed a bit of pain relief. My ability to stand up and move around improved. There was no high or buzz. It was a mild relief from pain. Pain level was around a 5.
    After thirty minutes there was a definite improvement over the pain. It was like night and day. However I never experienced any stimulant feeling. I didn’t have any extra energy. Pain level was 3.
    After an hour, there was still an improvement in pain relief, but certain parts of my body had a reduced pain. My hands and feet still had pain, but it was reduced. Pain was 2.
    Overall I’m happy with the results from one leaf. I will maintain this for the next few hours to see how long the relief continues from the one leaf.
    I would describe the changes in my pain as a definite improvement.

    Patrick Cambell

    I love your kratom leaf!

    Thank you. I ordered 30 fresh leaves and am very happy with what came in the mail. A few extra were thrown in either accidentally or to make up for some smaller ones in the batch but regardless more than happy. As someone who eats / makes tea with approximately 5-10g per dose approximately 4-5 leaves chewed the traditional way (vein removed and tucked in cheek) has been enough to equal this. Taste is a lot better fresh too. This is what to expect as far as size.

    Thanks again


    Meang Da Kratom Powder, based out of Florida has always gotten me. Powder and delivery is fast three days maybe. He’s in the United States. Good stuff, and they are quite the authority on Kratom. They can answer any of your questions.



    So I had a strange experience this morning. Normally I wake up early. It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed. 10pm is usually best because I always wake up at 5 or 5:30am and then go back to sleep around 8am for what I call a second sleep. Usually only about 30-45 minutes. Then I have to get back up because I’m unable to get in to that deep sleep/REM.

    This morning, I laid back down and slept for over 2 hours, more like 2 1/2 hours.

    I was in a really deep sleep and woke up because the sun started to break through the cracks of my black out blind. I would have continued sleeping if it weren’t for the phone ringing.

    I was completely recharged, I don’t normally get this sort of extra deep sleep. I’m usually sleepy during the day because I never get to fully experience a good night sleep.

    The pain is still the same level, around a 3. I am experiencing some minor pain walking up the stairs, but for one leaf I’m amazed at the positive experience.


    Grow Report Robin Canter

    Successful kratom seeds!

    I bought my seeds in April and tried a few times growing the seeds indoors under a grow light which failed. So in June, I decided to sprinkle seeds over a pot that I had outside on the southeastern side and two weeks later I got sprouts. as of July 17th, a total of 40 seedlings sprouted with a few starting a second set of leaves–Looking forward for the seedlings to get bigger to be able to transplant to their own pots. These seeds are definitely viable and an excellent value- Thank you for making me a proud plant parent


    Thank you!

    After 32 years of pain, I have finally found relief with out the zombie medications. It has taken me over a week to work out what works for me, but it is as different as night and day. I started out with one leaf per day, then two, then three and found my comfort level. It doesn’t last all day, usually 4-6 hours, but I can walk again and have a little bit of energy to get me going in the morning.

    Mexican Dream Herb Dried Organic US Grown

    I am SO pleased with my product and had the most wonderful experience with Kratom Leaf. They were incredibly transparent, responsive and kind! Even better, I’m proud to support a non-profit that dedicates their time and income to helping others with high quality products. Will definitely work with them again!

    Helen Chappell

    Mexican Dream Herb For Sale ready to ship

    "They are bringing the kratom community together here in AMERICA"

    Love the site and KratomWatchdog app they are really bringing the kratom community together here in AMERICA!!!! which is amazing. Looking forward to receiving my fresh seeds. The customer service is amazing they responded quickly and answered my question looking forward to continuing to do business with your company.


    5 Stars!

    Great Product
    I find that your kratom calms my mind during the workday.

    JJennifer S

    Buy Green Vein Elephant Kratom powder

    My cuttings arrived delicately packed and nice n’ green.

    5 star packing and shipping! My cuttings arrived delicately packed and nice n’ green. Mine didn’t survive, but I’m pretty sure it’s from my negligence ( I don’t have the greenest thumb 🙈) but I’m going to try again and again until I get it! This is such a beautiful plant and I’d love to cultivate several of them for personal use one of these days 😀 thanks for all the tutorials you guys provide and thanks for the quality product 🙏🙏🙏

    Walter is awesome!

    It’s my mail call day… for me, it’s Kozy Kratom, from our very own Water.
    First, Walter is awesome! Very available to answer questions, and shipping was fast and arrived as expected. Everything looks great it and even contained some “extra goodies” 😀

    The quality is top-notch! I also ordered fresh leaf.


    This is an awesome way to enjoy Kratom!

    This is an awesome way to enjoy Kratom! The leaves came perfect, not crammed into a package and were so supple and beautiful!

    Everything got here in great condition.

    Very good packaging, pro packaging actually. Everything got here in great condition. Cuttings look great. Unfortunately for me, and my lack of experience I didn’t get any to root, but that was on ME. So if you buy you should have everything in place and have the knowledge and environment to root these guys.


    Buy Maeng Da Thai Kratom cuttings

    Botanical Queen's Review

    I have nothing but good things to say

    I have nothing but good things to say about Walter, the products and the service he provides here. I’ve been taking Kratom for a while now and never have I felt more comfortable with the product and the amount of good information that I was able to get before making my purchase. The love he has for this plant show in his communications, he’s always happy to share best practices and recommendations. I wish all my purchasing experiences were as honest and smooth as the ones I’ve had with Walter in this site. Saying there’s great customer service here is an understatement. Sure glad I found this site! Go Florida!

    Everything got here in great condition.

    I live in Central Florida and shipping took 2 days. Cutting came very fresh and ready to go. Customer service is super kind and open with information. Definitely will purchase more plants in the future from here!


    Looks like my order is coming a day early!

    Looks like my order is coming a day early! Thanks again for the quick response. Even with the usps being all screwy, you’ve still got the fastest shipping and the best quality I’ve found so far. If I need kratom, it comes from you. Excited to try out the different strains and all that. But once again, thank you for the quality product, fast shipping, and quick response to email. Wouldn’t rather buy from any other source.

    Kyle McCready

    "Amazing customer service and next level amazing kratom"

    I got the white maeng da and red Elephant Leaf as well as some fresh leaf. The Red Vein Elephant Leaf leaf is so great for muscle ache! I take this as my days second dose and it takes away 95% of my back pain!!! The white maeng da is now my first dose of the day because it has that coffee effect like no other strain. The people that work here are more knowledgeable than any other vendor I’ve used! They have a permanent customer with me!!

    From: Athena 

    I have used Kratom for almost 4 years. This product is some of the strongest and best I have ever used, hands down.

    “I have used Kratom for almost 4 years. This product is some of the strongest and best I have ever used, hands down.

    ” I’m sure most long term Kratom users know that euphoric feeling goes away with prolonged use. You probably also know a lot of Kratom on the market is absolute garbage and barely has any effect. Kratom felt stronger years ago before it got extremely popular. I purchased this companies Kratom blend and was absolutely blown away. I took my normal dose of one and a half teaspoons and I can feel it in every part of my body and I have that awesome feeling on elevated mood and energy again. I thought good Kratom like before was a thing of the past but these guys stuff proved me wrong. Please keep it up and I’ll be a customer for life.

    Jeremy L. Williams

    Finally, Kratom that is FRESH & Mature!

    Finally, Kratom that is FRESH & Mature! So some backgrounds history, I love the idea of kratom, and loved the one amazing experience I’ve had with this plant a long time ago. That being said, I now know why the full leaf is chewed in counties where this plant is native. I have tried hundreds of strains, vendors, shots, extracts, tolerance breaks… you name it. No luck. Today I received a few fresh leaves to chew, they are raw not dried. I tried one leaf to see the taste and BAM 3 minutes of chewing and there she is, the elusive, much mature and extremely euphoric sense of well being I have been missing for so long. I have severe back pain due to a slipped disk, which I would never know about now that I can’t feel my pain, only a warm and cozy blanket of Raw kratom leaf effects. Try some, if you are in the USA and want to get some real, raw, and just picked Kratom leaves that pack a huge punch, You can from a company in Florida who grows mature trees in the humid weather perfect for just that. There is only one company that grows and sells full raw leaf right now so go ahead and look for yourself, you’ll thank me for the tip on Kratomleaf.Us

    From: Connor Atwood 

    hand holding kratom cup

    Another happy customer

    I rarely leave reviews unless I’m really blown away, and in this case I absolutely am! Over the last 4 years since I began using kratom, it’s been hit and miss with so many vendors and quite frankly, more misses than hits to the point of nearly giving up out of frustration. That was until I discovered! I’ve now tried 2 of your kratom products, the Super Green and the Indonesian Select. Both have been super clean, without fillers and nasty side effects I’ve experienced at basically all of your competitors. That’s really all I ever wanted, a vendor who actually loves kratom, knows where it comes from and cares about their customers – that’s exactly who you are. On top of that, you’re super available and responsive to all my questions and concerns, going way out of your way to ensure I am knowledgeable and taken care of as a customer and community member! For this, you have in me, a loyal customer for life! Thank you Walter and!!!

    Nikolaus Merrick

    Everything got here in great condition.

    Just wanted to leave a review for the red indo select. First time ordering from these guys, but it won’t be the last! Ordered 250g to try out. Shipping was crazy fast and the product is awesome. Can’t wait to place future orders with yall! I’ll recommend this site to anybody even remotely interested in kratom. I also got the little leaf keychain and I friggen love it. Thank you for affordable, quality kratom powder!!

    – Kyle M.

    Review from Kyle M
    customer plant

    From our nursery

    Here is one of our regular customers who ordered some unrooted cuttings from us. They reached out to ask about their plant but happy to see they had success.

    (Pictures Curtesy of our customer Dan M.)

    American Crushed Leaf Review

    I have never tried crushed leaf before but I assure you that I will be ordering more! I used spring water and a half of a teaspoon of lemon juice and let it simmer for almost an hour to make a sort of tea. I put it in a glass container in the fridge. I tried about a shot glass full this morning and it was awesome. That was all that I needed. I felt great and had no pain. I was able to get a lot of things done today. I’m simmering the remainder now and will be ordering more soon. I highly recommend this!!



    Buy local Kratom in Springfield

    American Crushed Leaf Review

    American Kratom Cuttings

    We received the plants.. they are happy and healthy! Their names are Eve and Tesla💗. Thank you so much, I will take great care of them.. I will most def recommend your business to my family and friends🤗
    Thank you again🌱

    -Winifred Beasley

    customers kratom cuttings
    Another kratom vendor review

    Reviews for

    “Hands down the best K I’ve ever had. Their is no place better in the USA to receive fresh K. ” – Joshua Costas (Kratom vendor)

    Customer holding raw Kratom leaf

    Reviews for

    “Hands down the best K I’ve ever had. Their is no place better in the USA to receive fresh K. ” – Joshua Costas (Kratom vendor)

    Customer Fresh Leaf Review 1

    Kratom leaf with honey!

    I had 1 with honey. Chewed up…… definitely never chewing more than 1 at a time :joy: Immediately felt it. I’m still feeling it! It’s been over 3 hrs. I hope everyone can try fresh leaf! It’s wild. I have a pretty high tolerance too. I was shocked💯 Ive ordered more organic honey from Amazon to keep all these leaves. Didn’t really think that through ordering 30 tea leaves😂   Crystal Rodgers

    Reviews for

    Reddit review of – “Y’all need to grab some of their fresh raw leaf! It’s great quality and one of the very very few vendors to offer American grown mature fresh leaf.“…” 😁 I’ve gotten a ton of orders from you guys. Leaf, powder, the hand made jewelry. All that and I support what you guys are doing 1000%.” – Kratom541

    Link to original page 

    Reviews for
    Reviews for

    Shipping to India

    I completely forgot to thank you.

    When the 1st shipment didn’t arrive you promptly followed up, suffice to say I am a happy customer. I will recommend you to everyone I know.

    A Very Happy Customer 🙂

    Vidith Shankar (Customer from India who had first package lost due to USPS) 

    3 for 1 -- Unrooted Cuttings Deal

    Ordered the “3 for 1″ unrooted cuttings deal in early December 2021. The cuttings arrived in very good condition and excellently packaged. Only a month later, 2 of the cuttings have nice white roots and have since been transplanted to soil. The 3rd cutting is growing new leaves so expecting roots to pop from it soon as well. We were well prepared for the cuttings arrival by having a seedling heat mat, humidity dome for a 10″x20” seedling flat and 400w light ready. You must have this equipment to properly root cuttings, especially in the winter… Love this company, doing great work for the cause with great specimens! Highly recommended.

    Marvin Sutton

    Review of Raw Kratom Leaf

    Loved the fresh leaves, grabbed about 6 of those suckers and chewed on them for about 20 minutes, totally different in a good way, very clean. I did find it took at least 10 leaves to feel comparable to the 6 grams of powdered tea I take usually but they also have their own unique experiences. Not sure what I can say so stop me if I go too far but I do find the fresh leaf helps me stay very clear headed while being able to relax and it has helped with sleep. I have horrible insomnia and refuse to take pharmaceuticals these days so this was a unique surprise to be able to have some aid in that department.

    After my first go around I decided to try the sugar method which was much better tasting. Also dipped some in honey to preserve them and that was even better tasting.

    Daniel Young

    The best vendor!

    You are all the legit best, I cheated on you and tried yet another vendor (okies) and your products kicked theirs out of the park by far. I hope this is the same red as I was sent last time because I LOVE it. Thanks in advance!

    Connor Atwood

    Fresh Kratom Leaf Review

    Let me start out by saying that We need more Walter’s in this world! That guy is awesome. Fresh leaf is definitely the way to go. The effects were really nice and without all of the digestive issues that go along with powder. I highly recommend!

    Marc Maygar

    Another reddit review

    I absolutely can not say enough good things about the provider of this fresh leaf, best vendor I’ve ever dealt with. Lighting fast response time and the nicest person ever.


    Extremely Helpful and Knowledgeable

    I have been taking kratom for over two years and i reached out to walter from because i live in central florida and was searching for a company that is local or even in the united states wich sells raw and dry crushed leaf… walter respond in a very timely manner and was extremely helpful and knowledgeable . is a company that self funded nursery and what that says to me is they take pride in their product.. this is not the gas station batch of kratom you will be buying, you will instantly be able to tell when you open the package.. the smell, the taste and the look is nothing like the dirt that most places pass of as kratom.. the color is a dead giveaway. is fresh and a beautiful green color compared to the dirty puke brown i was used to,, almost comparable to sewer water brown….  my experience was as follows: dumped a half sugar pack into one raw leaf and folded up to chew in mouth.. once i did this i then got out a french press and put 2.5 grams of dried crush leaf in the bottom. i boiled water not too too hot but right when it starts to boil i poured it in the french press… i chewed the raw leaf for ten minutes and spit it out and put in another raw leaf as i waited for my tea.. 20 minutes in i felt a warm feeling come over my body and i began to get erergy. i began doing chores around the house, dishes, laundry and realized it had been about 40 minutes since i started my tea… i waited five more minutesd and poured the tea on ice and put some red koolaid squeezer in with a squeeze of lemon wich i find citric acid to really help unluck all the wonderful alkaloids this amazing plant contains.. i began sipping my brew and halfway through my back pain began to subside until completely gone… the tea actually lasted me the rest of the night as opposed to having to gulp down kratom powder that reminds me of mud every 4 hours… it was very pleasant. better then the kratom drinks i pay much more for at the bar… i actually was able to make another tea in the morning out of the same leaf i already used the night before.i threw maybe another gram in and the same french press and i realized this is much more economical than going to the smoke shops ands gas stations.. also many products from over seas do not get tested and do not have fda regulations. not really even sure how old some stuff i bought was, but from it is always fresh!!!!
    id like to thank all the people involved with the small self sustaining kratom farm!!!!!!!!!!!!  i will be purchasing from you guys from now on, there is no comparison in quality hands down!!!!!!!!!
    Review of by Kenny Rossi

    Extremely Helpful and Knowledgeable

    This vendor supplies great kratom that never disappoints. If there happens to be an issue the fantastic customer service will be sure to take care of it. I highly recommend kozykratom

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