Mexican Dream Herb Herbal Organic Rolls

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Mexican Dream Herb Herbal Organic Rolls


Each bag includes five premium individual Mexican Dream Herb tubes. Our Mexican Dream Herb is grown organically and is had picked from our fields. We air dry for the highest quality smoke. Packaged in a stryle environment.  All of our Mexican Dream Herb is grown in the United States of America.

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Mexican Dream Herb Herbal Organic Rolls

Mexican Dream Herb Herbal Organic Rolls from  our nursery is grown in the USA. Our team personally enjoys the smooth taste of Mexican Dream Herb Herbal Organic Rolls so we figured to share the experience with our customers. This plant leaf is native to Mexico and the S East US. It has been used to induce lucid dreams. It has a rich scent that is unique to this leaf. It can be placed under the pillow, burned as incense, brewed with water.

Traditional uses of Mexican Dream Herb

The Traditional way to enjoy Dried Mexican Dream Herb is to place the dried leaf in a open plastic bag grocery bag and place that underneath your pillow at night. As you sleep the smell of the herbs will release.

The leaf has been known to produce a drowsy and relaxed state, that some refer to as dream-like, along with a sense of clarity. A study revealed that C. zacatechichi increased the number of overall dreams experienced, the ability to recall the dreams experienced, and the intensity of hypnagogic imagery experienced while falling asleep. Some reports also state other effects include spontaneous lucid dreams and increased dream clarity and realism.

It has been used for thousands of years in traditional folk medicine as an appetite stimulant, cleansing agent, calming agent, laxative, and for treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, fever, skin rashes, swollen scalps, ‘cold stomach’ and headache.

Mexican Dream Herb Herbal Organic Rolls

Calea Zacatechichi

Calea Zacatechichi, with its common name, Mexican Dream Herb it is no surprise that this plant has been used traditionally to intensify dreams during sleep states. For centuries, the herb has been used by native Mexicans for divination and the inducement of lucid dreaming. The Chontal Indians are known to use Calea zacatechichi to obtain divinatory messages during dreaming. It is considered a healing plant in general and is known by many tribes as ‘Leaf of God’ for its ability to clear the senses as well as induce visions in dreams.


Calea zacatechichi is a flowering shrub native to North America and is mostly found growing in Oaxaca, Mexico. It belongs to the composite family and Calea genus. It has many characteristics that make it stand out. It has slender branches with oviform and opposite leaves. When it grows in the wild, this shrub grows rapidly into a thick bush, and can grow to a height up to 3 meters. The leaves of the shrub are oval in shape, have serrated edges, and curl. Young leaves tend to have a brilliant green color on the topside and are more violet on the bottom of the leaf. Another outstanding feature of the shrub is that in proper lighting it is luminescent. Analysis of the herb has reported an existence of certain chemical compounds including flavones, acacetin and the sesquiterpine’s lactone, germacranolides, caleochromanes and caleicines. The latter two are considered the most active and responsible for the effects of the herb on sleep.

Our Mexican Dream Herb is grown organically on our nursery here in the United States of America. This wonderful plant grows extremely well in our controlled environment and will overgrow.

How to Pollinate Mexican Dream Herb

You can pollinate Mexican Dream Herb by hand. However the common practice is to allow the local insects to help you out. Bees and other insects will fly from flower to flower and pollinate each flower as they are entranced by the scent the flowers put out into the field.

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  1. Alexis domingo


    This dream herb is amazing! It tastes so good and shipping was very quick. I will definitely be ordering more!

  2. Laurence anderson


    Wow these herbal rolls are delicious. Way better then my pack of cigarettes. May have found my new bedtime treat.

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